About us


Since establishing in 1983, some of you will already have memories of our brand and for some of you, this might be the first time it's fallen upon your eyes. Wherever you are on your journey with us, i’d like to welcome you all and share our history. The character Dready is a hand-drawn version of its Birmingham-born creator, Mr Robert Sidlauskus, known to all as ‘Dready’.

A Jamaican man living in a Thatcherite society, a Rastafarian trying to survive and keep his ethos intact in a grey & gloomy Tory England. His art is a social commentary, it crystalises his view of the world at a very specific time of change and cultural movement. Robert created a breath of fresh colourful air, when times were dull in the city and Dready art warmed our hearts with the messages of love, peace, culture, roots and positivity.

The Dready character of mostly black pen drawings, set out on an adventure into a world of imagination, tinged with red, green and gold. Leaving behind Robert’s message in spirit; that with right thinking, greatness can be achieved. Through the Dready Brand his drawings live on. Cartoons and cool art are left behind to be enjoyed and loved by us all...One Love!

"Dready got a job to do"

Bob Marley

dready today

Today, the Dready brand endeavours to continue spreading the ethos established by Rob Sidlauskas through its original streetwear products, huge community of followers, connecting with the people through fashion, wellbeing and lifestyle.

With a huge library of original artwork and working with new creatives, we will be regularly releasing limited edition garments all manufactured in the same high end quality as it was back in the day.

Dready is back, bigger, better and ready!..... Let's spread the word!