Dready x Urban Vault

Dready x Urban Vault

After undergoing a creative refresh, the cult 90s clothing brand Dready is back with a re-launch of its products, with the help of Florence + the Machine’s Rob Ackroyd as creative director. The label first found popularity with customers in the 80s and early 90s but the brand will now be returning with a new line of t-shirts made in the UK.

Creative director Ackroyd says: “To me, Dready represents a time and place in Britain where popular culture wasn’t so homogenised.” He continues: “I wanted to re-inspire some of that spark into the Dready brand, retrace its roots and return it to the very sensibilities that impacted on me back in the day.”

Whilst working on the new designs, the brand was keen to incorporate the authentic look of Dready. Designs will reflect Dready’s main inspiration taken from politics, music and art, whilst providing an insight into the brand’s background and culture.

The brand will celebrate the art and illustrations of Robert Sidlauskas, the brand’s artist and creator who sadly passed away in 2012. Growing up as a young Rastafarian in Thatcher-ruled Birmingham, t-shirts will feature original and previously unseen designs from the artist, which focus on the politics, music and street life of his childhood.

2015 sees Dready reaching out to a new generation of brand fans with a passion and appreciation for Dready culture, which has a well-known philosophy of peace, unity and love.

Available from March 2015, the collection will include seven limited edition t-shirts, they are available to purchase now from the newly launched website.

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