Dready x Jungle Cakes

Dready x Jungle Cakes

Jungle Cakes have teamed up with Dready to create a limited edition collab tee!

Since starting in 1983 by  Mr Robert Sidlauskus (also known as 'Dready'). The Dready brand has played a huge part in street culture & fashion for Jungle Cakes' owner, Deekline.

Dready's goal was to bring colour and culture to a Thatcherite society in Tory England, a Rastafarian trying to survive and keep his ethos intact.

Nowadays, the Dready brand works in supporting Jamacian skateboarding culture to expand and grow.

We are honoured to link up with the Dready crew and create this collab.

In the famous words of Bob Marley "DREADY GOT A JOB TO DO"


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